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We are commencing new comprehensive training courses in Horsemanship early in the New Year 2012.


The inital courses will be modular based and will provide foundation training for the Horse owner, enthusiast in a modern and enlightened approach.


The foundation course will provide a general understanding and development of know how and feel.

The idea is to dispell some of  the conventional myths that limit the progress of the horse rider and owner/trainer.


By education we wish to empower people to be capable of developing a True Feel that will improve their relationship and achievements and consequently the horses life quality, and involve them more in wanting to work with us in True Horsemanship and in whatever discipline is appropriate.

Our courses will not be limited to any single principal or process but will combine information and knowledge that was available and known before trade marking tm- and fancy packinging or sales jargon and marketing gave them a name.


Our unique ingredient is that we, as Irelands leading remedial horse trainers are not just teaching it, we are working with horses from starting and breaking some of the most difficult horses and often having to re start horses that are described as impossible by leading yards.We do this in an every day capacity with a very high success rate.

Our clients are mainly performance horses from the various areas of horse sport :Showjumping-Dressage-Eventing & Racehorses etc.


We have and own extensive facilities and modern state of the art equipment all in persuit of Horse Therapy and training.



Complimentary Therapies



We are also undertaking alternative healing training specifically for Horses, but applying to all Animals even the Human animal's.


This training will consist of 3 modules .

REIKI/TeraMai Level 1.Horses and Humans. (Personal)

REIKI /Tera Mai Level 2,Horses and Humans (Practitioner)

REIKI/Tera  Mai Level 3.Horses and Humans (Master)



Confidence building and Fear Removal for Horse Men and Women.


Confidence building and fears can be addressed very quickly and efficiently with our modern and qualified approach


Many people develop a unnatural or exagerated fear of Horses and many other animals.

Fear is a necessary emotion but sometimes it is out of proportion to our quality of life or well being.

We have successfully addressed these phenomenons for many people.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise we can help you overcome your Fear or Phobia very quickly and safely no matter  whether it is recent or as long as you can remember.



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